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CONSULTANK helps create impactful leaders through vision, alignment, and execution. As an authorized partner for Everything DiSC®, we offer personal development learning experiences that measure an individual's preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC model. Our learning applications inspire behavioral change and drive innovation while leveraging unique talents to create action plans that accelerate short- and long-term goals.



CONSULTANK creates robust learning ecosystems that combine team and individual development journeys to drive innovation, diversity, and a growth mindset.  We bring additional awareness to leadership styles, identify self and team strengths, define a clear roadmap for the training portfolio based on identified enhancement opportunities, and introduce an ownership culture contributing to the organization's future success.


Organizations need inclusive leaders who emotionally connect with their teams, navigate uncertainty, and inspire a positive vision for the future. CONSULTANK facilitates open conversations to improve leadership capabilities and behaviors based on team feedback. Leaders learn how hidden biases impact decisions and culture and new ways to promote inclusive leadership.

Image by Vitalii Khodzinskyi


CONSULTANK refreshes the Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging strategy based on the organization's priorities and legal requirements. We create tailored action plans that include assessments of Diversity and Inclusion, training on equity issues, pay equity analysis/metrics, governance models, and communication strategies to foster an inclusive workplace where all individuals have equal opportunities to succeed.

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